Game of Thrones - Seaons 2 Finale which I liked

With thieves, dwarfs, teenage King, dumb prisoner, defeated warriors of light, the rich bastards
most importantly the Targaryans the mother of Dragons

zombie Wildlings 

it was an interesting finale for season 2, though not as pumping as Blackwater episode but it was worth it. No wonder they showed very little of the Targaryans & Wildlings this season, I guess they want to make a point. Haven’t read the books, but I do feel am watching it only for the action, most probably I will be rooting for the Dragons & House of Stark.
Next season shall be interesting, With Winterfell Burned down, I wonder what will be the reaction from King of winterfell & his men, they seem to be most suffered one's I pity them, like what the hell he is going to do, attack Kings landing or House of Greyjoy. 

Much said just amazed.

I just want to watch the freaking dragons burn the cities down. 

Loved the way Khalisi burned the bald guy to ashes.

Entertaining episode

Barney Stinson or Joey Tribbiani?

Joey ftw

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The best thing that ever happened to you?

being alive

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the end

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Choose a movie title for the story of your life.

it has'nt been made yet

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Which is the best.. Twitter/Facebook/Formspring/MySpace/other?

google+ i guess thn facebook and then twitter

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