Beneath a set of flickering lights,
I search for answers as shadows cross my lonely room.
Sometimes I’m high, sometimes I crawl
Lose myself in this lonely gloom.

Words on the wall, and numbers too,
Drowning in the thoughts of you.
Pins and needles, a hexagram
You can try but you’ll never understand.

Pictures, scissors, cutting away
Same story every year, day after day.
Yellow light and butterflies
There it comes back again.

The Touch

Build these hands that weigh too much,
I’ve forgotten your razor touch.
The way your mouth hangs dry when I come around,
Look into your hollow eyes but I hear no sound.

So what do we do now?
Where do we go from here?
Down these roads that you walk alone,
I’m still haunted by your worst fears.

You laugh again in your empty stairs,
I stare all I can you’re never there.
This song don’t mean a thing,
It’s the only one I know.

I’m ugly when I’m naked,
And I’ve so tried to take it.
But all they do is surround me,
Laugh with pointed fingers around me.

Promises that I forget I made,
They’re the only ones I keep.
Dusk and dawn, just another day,
But now I guess I’ll sleep.

Ofelia’s Dream

Been dreaming of far away,
Somewhere I haven’t been.
Of parched lands with wishing wells,
And birds with no sky to be seen.

Of hollow roots and trees with shade,
Where autumn brings leaves of blades.
Of broken cups with sounds within,
Flowing water like the devil’s sin.

Of walls with cracks and hanging ropes
Rooms with mirrors and shattered hopes.
A man with wires who went insane,
A girl with sparrows and poison in my veins.

Of bodies in motion, where hearts collide,
Then I surrender, my sweet decline.
And as I ponder, seek your touch,
Your whispers tell me you’ve had enough.

Of a thousand screams and fingers pointed to the sky,
A bird or a plane, or a memory that died?
Of creatures like vermin that stand in my way,
Of walking the roads that lead me astray.

Or of a mountain, white and wrapped in snow
Just like my muse with her velvet glow.
Is it a sign of things to come?
Of the things in my head I’ll never know…

Light that shines and smiling eyes,
Of trophies earned and wasted tries.
Of looking back as I take the fall,
Of flying high when I’d rather crawl.

Of love and shelter from the rain,
And kites that fly with no strings.
Of a song that don’t rhyme but brings me pain,
So let me dream with eyes wide open.

The Shade

Spend the night shaping a smile,
On the rooftops of down below.
Gaze through the stars – stared at the moon
I missed you more than you could know.

Where were you when brothers surrounded me?
Yours is a face that gets me high.
I know I’m a wreck and I’ve come undone,
But at least I found a reason to smile.

Miracles forgotten like the words in my head,
Future’s wasted, I’m a selfish son.
Will you like me with my new face?
I’m a thing of shapes to come.

When it’s over we sing our song,
Fucking sober, you don’t belong,
Between ten inches of shade that I stole from this pain,
You run and hide, you can’t take the rain.


No, you're not to be blamed.
Must be the time - never on my side.
Been waging this war way too long,
It's never been my time.

I'm like everything,
You've ever left behind.
Run or hide, walk or crawl,
You know I'm always on your mind.

The bridges burning down,
Look away and swallow your tears.
The only thing that hurts, love
Is that I'll be right here.

Stabbing Of A Drama Queen

You mend, break so easy,
Sometimes, I could fall.
Your sins, beg to differ,
When I heed your call...

And you crawl right through the floor,
Of vacant spaces in my head.
Can't lie, so I'm bound to watch,
All the times that you play dead.

Being your worthy patron, my faults I know,
Forsake the things I should have said.
Take all your lies and your tears,
No tricks this time, but I'll disappear.

Cry in vain and they tear you apart,
Said you like the pain, now look where you are.
Twisting and turning like the thoughts in my head,
No one said a word when I stabbed the drama queen dead.


As this morning light pierces through my skin,
I lie naked and hollow, waiting for the world to begin.
Not my time, so pull me apart,
I've been waiting for the end, I don't know how to start...

You said you were just like me,
Frozen and broken and never free.
When the world wounds you with a battle scar,
You put it out for everyone to see.

Disappointed, as you shed your skin,
Never look behind when you walk this far.
Funny how I lost myself in you,
Now I don't know who we are.

Bitter Pills

She left the town like the way it was,
And I was dreaming of yesterdays.
I didn’t have the answers, never knew the cause,
My thoughts turned to ashes, and then they flew away.

A child died somewhere inside of me,
And a man could not hold back his tears.
For a woman he thought he knew so well,
For a girl who never got to be clear.

Now I know the words I never said,
Words that couldn’t make you mine.
So now I’m killing myself for you,
One day at a time.

The light that shines in your eyes,
Scenes from an unknown place.
They hold you close when you cry,
They can’t see your face…

Oh, she’s more than what she seems,
Walking across the line.
I know I’m wrong like you’ve always been,
But is that such a crime?


Whole night I lay,
In my bed all alone.
Watching the shadows rise and fall,
At the corner of my room.

With my eyes open wide,
And my ears to the door.
I heard all your secrets,
And all your dirty talk.

I heard all your promises,
As you opened up your thighs.
The lament in your past,
When your limbs collide.

And it didn’t hurt me, still
As I stood by the door.
To hear and watch you panting,
Just like I did before.

His name, you said out loud,
Your cries, they drowned again.
Lost in your own self,
As your blood flew in vain.

Whole night I lay,
In my bed all alone.
I saw shadows of strangers,
They whispered at my door.

I know I don’t have it all,
These words won’t make me your man.
Oh, take me to the slaughter house,
I’ll wait there with the lamb.

Bury me deep, in a place so small
Like a picture faded and grey.
You try to hold on to your cold, stone walls,
You know, you don’t know it will all fall away.

But everyone is lonely tonight,
We all walk on our own.
Trying to glide, through shadows and light,
Looking for a place called ‘home’.

Whole night you lay, waiting by yourself
Empty as my bed, and so alone.
You thought this could have just been hell,
But that’s not how your story goes.

Wished for someone to take you in his arms,
You smiled through your eyes, invitation in a song.
I don’t know who I was before,
But when I came in, a stranger I was…


Rising to empty spaces,
Eyes wide open, blindly living a lie,
Standing in open waters, dreaming,
Whispering to the waves, flowing into the sky.

And the noise gives way to the silence,
Your voice echoes a thousand miles.
The choir goes off, somewhere in the distance,
I’m just glad I found you tonight.

Shivers, just another dream?
An illusion to soon fade away?
As I run my finger down you’re lips,
Wonder if you’re here to stay.

So I lie to you, make promises I can’t keep,
And whisper in your ears, the things u want to hear.
Down these roads we've travelled, I watch you recede,
Walk away into the darkness and disappear.

Shimmering eyes, in the darkness ignite,
In this melodious silence two bodies begin to sway,
Could you hold me and keep me safe tonight?
As this darkness surrounds don’t you turn away…

Don’t you walk away, be wary of the light,
Surrender to me, your sweet decline.
For us who live in this dream make believe,
The world is just an alibi.

Lay here on my lap as the hours pass by,
Let me look in your eyes and watch myself fade.
Don’t you shy away as you feel the touch of my kiss,
Let it help me forget the caress of the blade.


I see you out in the rain.
The tears fall out of nowhere,
And land at your feet.
You just stand there
Staring, staring at me with those eyes.
You make me want to
Draw a picture of you.
And keep it for always,
Beside my window.
So that whenever it rains,
I can still see you outside.
I can’t see the feelings,
That you hide.
Relieving them will just
Fuel their selfish pride.
The flowers in your hand
Are dry, maybe because
You want them to be.
You’ve saved them for me.
I can smell you from my door.
Taste your feelings and fears.
You’re standing so far away,
Still I can see you near me.
I don’t know if you can hear it,
Hearts beating out loud.
Although the name’s changed,
Inside we’re all the same.
Come on in inside,
We’ll start the game.


Her love flows by me,
As easy as the breeze.
It’s funny when things change so much,
Like shorelines and the sea.

I walked her to the door,
Beyond the pain, I took her far.
It doesn’t matter where she goes, now,
I’ll always know where you are.

I try to lie to her,
I try to love her right.
In the darkness of my life,
I carry a fading light.

I can’t see beyond this tunnel,
My vision is fading.
Oh, the way I’ve wandered these paths,
Only I know that the past is misleading.

Now it has come to distances,
The time has come for us to part.
Anywhere you go, keep the faith,
I’ll always know where you are.


On the sidewalk,
Between the heartbeats.
I noticed you singing all alone,
In the streets.

On an unknown shoreline,
Between the blink of an eye.
I saw you drifting,
As time passed my by.
I lost my keys,
The keys to your door.
Am I standing or am I flying?
I ain’t too sure.

On your lips,
Or at the corner of the ocean,
Bends a sunrise.
You look the same,
As the beautiful sky above it,
When you smile.

I had your picture,
Wherever I ever roamed.
But the things I hold on to so tight,
Are always the first ones to go.
And in my dreams, tiny tragedies,
We deserve so much more…

Now I shall carry the memories,
Of you and me as we part.
Don’t turn around and look back,
This is just the start.

In the sky or above it,
In the clouds, you were there.
Looking down on me and smiling,
This feeling we can share.

I sat on the beach,
And I sang your song.
Nothing lasts forever,
Nothing lasts that long…

Now I walk happy and alone,
Even though you’re gone.
And I pass your house by.
The only reason everything
Builds up or breaks away,
Is time.

My Dream

I seem to be settling in,
From where I once began.
I sometimes feel I can’t win,
And I can’t fly to land.

I let go of the pain,
Of your shaking hand.
I let go of the past,
All alone, I take my stand.

Friends turn to foes,
And enemies are respected.
I sometimes feel so numb,
But somehow, I’m affected.

I can fool you easily,
Say I don’t feel dejected.
Still I feel, in my pond,
The past is still reflected.

I still feel I can win,
Only if I try.
And I live to tell the tale,
Of the truth from the lie.

A thousand dreams I had,
All of them ended with a sigh.
I just have one more,
And I won’t wish it goodbye.


Tonight I sleep with no songs in my head,
Just beside you in dreams and the things that we’ve said.
Across the distance, all the reasons echo twice,
And as you blink, I try and catch your eye.

Oh take me as I am, so far away,
Down by the darkness, where you angels fear to tread.
I know I cannot win or bend and sway,
I know I can only be, just myself today.

I see something broken behind your eyes,
It sinks in deeper, like empty skies.
Devoid of the sun, it’s cold and blue,
Just like me tonight, in the thoughts of you.

Coming Back To You

I woke and I saw the sunset,
Never pray you would depart.
Lady you’re slipping away like time,
Between the shadows of my heart.

They tell you you are precious,
They say that you’re the one.
And I’m lost in the crowd,
In an army of no one.

Advices washing down my ear,
Never were they true.
And as I watch you drifting,
I’m still coming back to you.

Let us sing a song that don’t mean a thing,
You know I long for your touch.
And I dream about you, still,
Of your whispers that have had enough.

Walls around me everywhere I go,
The silence surrounds me and you should know.
I need you to wash away my sins,
Don’t let me give the lonesome a meaning.

All my tomorrows are wasted,
The future is nothing new.
And I still long for yesterdays,
As I am coming back to you.

When I watch you dreaming,
I try to catch your eye.
You’re only something to dream about,
Like voices of the night.

Like a man lost amongst the ruins,
Like a bird in the skies too high.
Like the moon, shining all alone,
I am counting all my wasted tries.

I have said everything,
Now there is nothing left to do.
What I did was all instead of,
Coming back to you.


Well I see the sun is coming down,
Tired and red against a sky so bruised.
I save my voice for another time,
For now, I’m just coming down with you.

I wish I was different from these walls that surround,
I wish I was better from all that I have heard.
But I’m the same bruise that fades away with time,
Just like these empty, hollow words.

I told you to take a walk in the rain,
You, who were so kind,
I said I like the shelter, but miss the pain,
You told me still you can’t be mine.

You can find me by the edge, rolling in your waves,
I still yield to your hurt.
The burdens you carry, like bridges you burned,
And I am left with nothing but words

Wash Away

Could you close your eyes and show me the places,
Where everything needn’t make sense?
Will you lay down your arms? Lay down your faces?
Lay down that whole defense?

I am sorting out the reasons to be indiscreet,
Sorting out my alibis.
I’ll give you everything you want and need,
And I’ll surrender all my time.

I’ve bid the past goodbye and wiped out the traces,
Of fingerprints of long ago.
I’ve burnt all their letters that were wasted,
And words that haunted me like ghosts.

So this plea is the only one,
I am but a child.
With his future wasted, a selfish son,
Don’t look at me with those eyes.

Don’t dream with me of those places,
Where nothing ever makes sense.
Just wash me away in the tides of time,
Leave me be tonight in my room full of emptiness.

The Stone

Today, tonight I watched you die,
With your idols by your side.
Taking down the only flag you raised,
Tattered and torn, it shall be raised again.

It’s not dark yet, even though
The light is dim.
And the wall of reasons,
Is wearing thin.
As the eyes all count,
All your sins.
But the song is done, so let’s begin.

To be the things you want me to be.
To see the things you always see.
To be tied in chains and still be free,
For there is nothing left to lose.

So unlike tomorrows, and for one last time,
Give me a chance, a chance to shine.
I know you know before we were diamonds,
We were just stones in your mine,
Stones in your mine.

The Darkness

Down your neck and through your spine,
In your every breathing nerve.
I see the pictures moving behind your eyes,
As I concede to your hurt.

Been such a long, long time
They’d pray that we depart.
Don’t question what is yours and mine,
This will is shattered from the start.

Now I know all your names,
And I know your places, too.
The letters I never meant to send,
Well, they will get to you.

The light that reclined from your hands,
Will it still be gray…?
You can try, but you won’t understand
These voices in my head.

I wander in this forest all alone,
Oh, won’t you light my way?
Won’t you be my guide, through shadows and light?
Won’t you leave me astray?

A Poet Must Die

As the court lies in session,
All the ladies feign a sigh.
With a cloth laced with velvet,
They dry the tears in their eyes.

They’re calling out my name,
And an eerie silence falls.
Out I come, with my shame,
In your blind and blackened hall.

For every borrowed phrase,
For every little lie,
For the songs that you sing,
All through the night.

For the voices that you hear,
And all your wasted tries.
For the scars that you bear,
A poet must die.

There is just no one to blame,
Their voices are all true.
Point your bony fingers to my face,
Et tu brute, et tu.

Oh father, don’t you look at me,
Mother, don’t you cry.
Brother, sport some apathy,
And save it till I die.

For the things that you see,
For the secrets that you hide.
For the things that you say,
And all your demons inside.

For all the voices that you hear,
For all your reasons why.
And for all your treasons and deceits,
A poet must die.


And I got dirty feet,
From all the miles that I have walked.
Not far from the distance between,
But still, back to the start.

This is meant to fall from grace,
An end to our demise.
Just like your breath, not on my face,
When I stare into your eyes.

So give me reasons and reasons again,
But never say a word.
And like the darkness, fade away into the sun,
Or descend into my sick, sad, little world.

Maybe you’re the only one with a choice,
And I am lost and free.
Devoid of a face, of a voice,
With something trapped inside of me.

The more I tell,
The more I find.
Your taste on my tongue,
And the things we’ve left behind.

So foretell me all the petty events,
The premonitions your songs couldn’t prevent.
Twisted tongues and the words you spent,
One day, I won’t be permanent.

Secret Place

I know a place without a name,
Will you lead or trace my shadows?
Down where I meet yours,
In our little place, without a name.

The circles, they just spin…
All clichés sound the same…
No pieces fall in place…
Turn that page and just,
Leave it all behind.

Heaven can run for those who follow
Hell shall be forgiven tomorrow.

And can you hear yesterday’s sighs?
And do you fear all those late goodbyes?
Are you a child who’s lost in time?
Or are you like me, coming down the line?

I know I’m wrong,
Mother, I’ve sinned today.
But I wish not to forgive,
So lead me astray
Far, far away.

And since you’re the only one in here who feels the same…

Walk with me till we reach that place,
Down where things come to a start,
Our secret palace, without a name.

Faces in the Attic


You came to me like words, broken
And I turned you into a song.
Humming your sweet tune devoid of sorrow
I walk down the roads that might take me somewhere.
Far away but still near, always
Close to you.
You said I could mould you.
Shape you free, and yes you were
Like clay.

You came to me like a revolution, forgotten
With all the idols washing down brick walls,
Like promises from my ear.
With all the heroes burning out, turning into statues.
Everyday they play, dance away
To ashes, dust
It never changes, catatonic
Like paper planes that take flight,
Only to be still.
Like hollow flags that are raised, beautiful
Just to sway in the wind.

You came to me like a stranger, lost
Went everywhere with a rear-view mirror,
Karma dice, colours, music and sanity in tow.
Always contemplate how far you’ve come.
And still, you told me the way a tree bends.
Always lament how far you’d go.
Told me where to follow, lead.
Told me all the things unsaid,
Blasphemous whispers in my sleep.
Shelter, sparks
I feel tonight.
Never knew cold fingers running down my back
Could feel so warm.

Scenes from a Balcony

The light draws closer,
Night surrounds me in shade,
As the leaves sway and whisper,
I think of you.

How could I not feel your touch?
Slide into the same room.
The earth sways when she dances
Dancing I am when I’m alone.

The future has been defeated,
Though the past is never destroyed,
And as my last cigarette crawls and burns,
I think of you.


Your surprise, the roses
Sheets dried downstairs.
Canvas bleeds for your shade
Think twice for cherry waves.

Your smile, the roses
Eyes that can’t see.
But touch and leave maroon
Clay lady, change your shape.

Your cries, the roses
Blue star, moonless sky
Off key baritones
Carousels and mistakes.

Voice drowns in rear view mirrors
Jump the water, hug the plank.
Meandering roads in your smiling eyes
The rose tonight, the roses.


You’re like poetry,
Waiting to be found.
Or forgotten by time,
Only to be remembered.
By lovers, fools and jesters alike.
You’re on their tongue,
Like water at my feet as I walk by the shore.
Coming and receding like a long lost friend,
Smelling of childhood victories.
And you remind me of myself,
In a different place at a different time.
A time when I stood and swayed and went,
Wherever the wind took me.
But now I am two mirrors,
And a bouquet of forgotten flowers.
And as you stand in front of me,
You make it easier because,
You’re like poetry.
All I have to do is to write you down.


Down this line for the final time,
On the roads where we were mislead.
Where I can sing with words that rhyme,
Where angels fear to tread.

The days are getting colder with you not around,
And I’m tied to these promises, chained to the ground.
Are you without wings, an angel falling down?
Or are you just a message in a bottle, waiting to be found?

The night collides with the light,
And thus the stars are born.
I’ll never forsake the story I’m in,
Where words spin anew like a song.

I handed you this dirty string,
And you spun it around like a thread.
Twisting and turning closer everyday,
Till we knew the secrets in our head.

These foggy nights with a prick of a rose,
Miss your songs and dirty whispers.
I’m walking backwards into my dreams,
Open your arms and I’ll surrender…

StRanger SonG

Tonight, a spin of every kind
A pinch on every nerve.
Static, frozen songs you are
And melting molten earth.

A hurt, a burn, a lullaby
A tear, an answer, a familiar cry.
A whisper, laughter, a breezy sway
The rising sun on all my days.

Dreamer, drifter, stranger kinds
Strange are the words you say.
The way you move in your disguise,
Who wouldn’t be lead astray?

JaSHan e BahARA

Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulsan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoyi si baatein hain

Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulsan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

Kaise kahen kya hai sitam
Sochte hai abb yeh hum
Koi kaise kahen woh hai ya nahi humare
Karte to hai saath safar
Fasle hain phir bhi magar
Jaise milte nahi kisi dariya ke do kinare

Pass hain phir bhi paas nahi
Humko yeh gum raas nahi
Seeshe ki ek diware hai jaise darmiyan

By My CLoSe fRIenD fahAD..DUnnO fRM wHEre hE GOt iT
Wintertime winds blow cold the season
Fallen in love, I'm hopin' to be
Wind is so cold, is that the reason?
Keeping you warm, your hands touching me

Come with me dance, my dear
Winter's so cold this year
You are so warm
My wintertime love to be
Winter time winds blue and freezin'
Comin' from northern storms in the sea
Love has been lost, is that the reason?
Trying desperately to be free

Come with me dance, my dear
Winter's so cold this year
And you are so warm
My wintertime love to be

by tHE doORz