Coming Back To You

I woke and I saw the sunset,
Never pray you would depart.
Lady you’re slipping away like time,
Between the shadows of my heart.

They tell you you are precious,
They say that you’re the one.
And I’m lost in the crowd,
In an army of no one.

Advices washing down my ear,
Never were they true.
And as I watch you drifting,
I’m still coming back to you.

Let us sing a song that don’t mean a thing,
You know I long for your touch.
And I dream about you, still,
Of your whispers that have had enough.

Walls around me everywhere I go,
The silence surrounds me and you should know.
I need you to wash away my sins,
Don’t let me give the lonesome a meaning.

All my tomorrows are wasted,
The future is nothing new.
And I still long for yesterdays,
As I am coming back to you.

When I watch you dreaming,
I try to catch your eye.
You’re only something to dream about,
Like voices of the night.

Like a man lost amongst the ruins,
Like a bird in the skies too high.
Like the moon, shining all alone,
I am counting all my wasted tries.

I have said everything,
Now there is nothing left to do.
What I did was all instead of,
Coming back to you.