On the sidewalk,
Between the heartbeats.
I noticed you singing all alone,
In the streets.

On an unknown shoreline,
Between the blink of an eye.
I saw you drifting,
As time passed my by.
I lost my keys,
The keys to your door.
Am I standing or am I flying?
I ain’t too sure.

On your lips,
Or at the corner of the ocean,
Bends a sunrise.
You look the same,
As the beautiful sky above it,
When you smile.

I had your picture,
Wherever I ever roamed.
But the things I hold on to so tight,
Are always the first ones to go.
And in my dreams, tiny tragedies,
We deserve so much more…

Now I shall carry the memories,
Of you and me as we part.
Don’t turn around and look back,
This is just the start.

In the sky or above it,
In the clouds, you were there.
Looking down on me and smiling,
This feeling we can share.

I sat on the beach,
And I sang your song.
Nothing lasts forever,
Nothing lasts that long…

Now I walk happy and alone,
Even though you’re gone.
And I pass your house by.
The only reason everything
Builds up or breaks away,
Is time.