Secret Place

I know a place without a name,
Will you lead or trace my shadows?
Down where I meet yours,
In our little place, without a name.

The circles, they just spin…
All clichés sound the same…
No pieces fall in place…
Turn that page and just,
Leave it all behind.

Heaven can run for those who follow
Hell shall be forgiven tomorrow.

And can you hear yesterday’s sighs?
And do you fear all those late goodbyes?
Are you a child who’s lost in time?
Or are you like me, coming down the line?

I know I’m wrong,
Mother, I’ve sinned today.
But I wish not to forgive,
So lead me astray
Far, far away.

And since you’re the only one in here who feels the same…

Walk with me till we reach that place,
Down where things come to a start,
Our secret palace, without a name.