The Facebook Drama

Most of us are familiar with facebook and use it very often in our day to day lifes

I am going to write a sad experience of mine with this great social networking website.

I am very addictive user of facebook I post messages to my friends regularly,write on their walls and poke em often.
If thats not enough I share all my experiences from the net on facebook by the share tool they have introduced.

I regularly update my photos and notes.

Now what happened one night was that i was uploading pictures for a new album.The Upload was successfull, only thing which was to be done was to publish it.

I click the publish link and bammm I am logged out of facebook. This doesnt stops me I try to login again but I fail it says incorrect password or email id.

Hmm now what do I do i ask for a reset password request with that done I wait for the mail to come which usually comes in a minute or two.

Waited for 15 minutes still no mail.

Thinking something might have gone wrong I reset my password again but to no help.

Now am afraid If I got disabled or deactivated or worse deleted from facebook.
Which is a nightmare scenario cause you wouldnt want all the stuff on your account to vanish right away.

So I ask My roommate to check for my profile and see if i am still there.

Shocking news I am not there. I cant be searched or found on facebook...

I got angry and sad at the same moment.

After 5 minutes of that bloody rage i figured out i cannot stay without it. And Thought what if my account has been just deactivated and would be reactivated if i sign up again

So like a newbie I goto facebook and sign up for a new account with the same email address as that of the old account.

Now what happened was disturbing I thought my old profile would come back but no it made a whole new account (wtf)

Something really went wrong here.
Well with everything done from my part i decided to get help from facebook
while i was searching for the right email addresses to mail to them.

One Of my friends on the new facebook profile posted me a message why need of a new account your already on my friend list and i say wtf impossible how can that be.

I search myself from the new account and there i am still there with all the stuff as I left. I send a friendship request to my self and get a email notification to it too.
Which meant that my account was active but it was using the same email address.

So Now I log out of my new facebook profile thinking it would magically disappear and when i login back my old account would be presented to me.
But that didnt happen

Googled for other users with same problems and came across and i wasnt the only one with this problems there were countless others too.

I made a list of email addresses of facebook support which was as follows:;;;;;;;;;

mailed to all of them explaining them my detailed situation and giving them links to both the profiles and agreeing to disable my new account as it is against facebook policies to hold two account.

since all this happened on friday night.
I simply got an automated response from the facebook side.

I didnt knew what was going to happen.
I mailed them again and again precisely three four times with my original id and linked id.

Saturday went no response
Sunday went no response
Depressed with what was happening I closed my new account thinking if it would help in gaining my old account back.
But no use it was still the same.

I read a lot of stuff on and came to know that facebook doesnt actually deletes your stuff it keeps it just that it cannot be accesed this is because of some laws and their terms of service.

If this was the case I had some hope that my account wasnt deleted.

On Monday I get a mail from Homer saying that my account is now active and working and apologising for the inconvinience.
I was soo glad to get that mail.

After getting my account back the first thing I did was made back of everything on my facebook
Photos easy way is to use facepad in firefox as an addon it downloads all the albums by one click

Then came the question of backing up my 2000+ friends how do I do that I cannot export my facebook friends to a csv file.

So there is a facebook app FriendsCSV it backs up the names of your friends and mails it to you.

After going through this I realized that our social networking identities are not completely our own and its better if we have a back up plan for exiting it.

Anyway This was just my experience I got my account back where as some people couldnt sad for em.

All this was a big drama for me but who cares am facebooking again :D