"If You're Not The One"

If you’re not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?
If you’re not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way?
If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call
If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all

I'll never know whatthe future brings
But I know you're here with me now
We’ll make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

If I don’t need you then why am I crying on my bed?
If I don’t need you then why does your name resound in my head?
If you’re not for me then why does this distance maim my life?
If you’re not for me then why do I dream of you as my wife?

I don’t know why you’re so far away
But I know that this much is true
We’ll make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with
And I wish that you could be the one I die with
And I pray in you’re the one I build my home with
I hope I love you all my life

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

‘Cause I miss you, body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away
And I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today
‘Cause I love you, whether it’s wrong or right
And though I can’t be with you tonight
You know my heart is by your side

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I could stay in your arms

Some great inspiring words by my fella daniel.. just love these wordz... i cant get enough of it.. itz soo true hehe... for me though


I cAn

I will never be afraid again
I will keep on fighting 'till the end
I can walk on water, I can fly
I will keep on fighting till I die

Need i say more.. about it ..

u wOnT sEe Me CrY

I turn around I walk away
There's nothing else that I can say

I turn around I walk away
But you won't see me..
There's nothing else that I can say
But you won't see me cry

mOmentz that change the meaning of life... this was one.. probably.. a passing thought .. a passing memory...

My Swe3T mIsERy

Do you really want to know
Tell me
Tell me
Can you feel me letting go?
Im scared to
Fall into you

But I want to
Feel you touch you know you
And I want to
so I let you set me free
Into sweet misery
Sweet misery

Theres a hunger do you know
Feed me
Feed me
Its getting harder not to show
Free me
Im scared to
Fall into you

Sweet misery
Sweet misery

Why you always try to see
Through me

I want to
Feel you touch you know you
And I want to
so I let you set me free
Into sweet misery
Sweet misery

Something in life are best unsaid and this is one...for the onez that i have lost and will find...

Wish U r

Wish I was a better man
Wish I had a better plan for dealing with this
What am I
What am I to do now?

Maybe I should run away
Maybe I could run away and never be found
What am I
What am I to do?

The way that I'm feeling
The dreams when I'm dreaming
Can this really be happening
Can it really be true?

You are
My love and my life
My heart and my soul
Just trying to keep the world
From smashing crashing in

I had this dream the other night
I had this crazy dream the other night
How have I
How have I arrived here?

My heart is unladed ?
and my head is exhausted
Is this powerful magic
Can it really be true?

You are
My blood is in your blood
My breathe in your mouth
Just trying to keep the world
From smashing crashing in

What about us?
What about all the plans that we made?
What about all those careful plans
Just careful plans we made
And everything else is clear !!

Full of Fear
Full of Hope
Full of You

My love and my life
My heart and my soul
Just trying to keep the world
From smashing crashing in

My blood is in your blood
Just trying to keep the world
From smashing crashing in

Some how i feel connected to these words.. these arent mine but these keep on going in my mind .. i liked it hope you all will too like it... but yeah i did learned from this a few words hehe.. cudnt help it..

LonELIness SuRRoundz

Am Standing In The Rain
Thinking About You
Walking DARK lanes
And No cLear Vision
Loneliness Surrounds

And I want to END this
As I NEED you
I want YOU

Am Racing against TIME
Feelin In the RUSH
of my BODY in OCEAN
Loneliness Surrounds

and I want to END this
As I need You
As i Love You

Do You REALY want to know
am scared of falling to YOU
I Want to FEEL you Touch You.
So Set mE Free
when loneliness Surrounds

YOu Never Really Knew ..
WHat You Meant To mE
aND NOW you never gonna kNOW
WHAT you Had AND what you LOST



This comez out from my personal diary which had i jotted down on 8th of may a significant day in my life . Now this wasn't meant to b seeen.. but thingz have changed.. so everything goes out to my friendz and ppl to knw me.. hehe.. so i really need your commentz in da comment section to know how it is .... Saami

Quietness In Noise of My Life

QUiet ARe THe THoughts of MY mIND

QUIeT are MY DReamz

Quiet are the Notes coming out from the CHORDS of MY GUITAR

Flowing in the silence that surrounds us

You've Got Stars Shining In Your Eyes

Which make me dance in the street .

You've Got the Golden Smile

That Makes me play crazily in the dirt.

and You know that i Love You , would do anything for you.

I feel am undone ,
but this river is wild.
I feel the Rush of The Ocean,
But this heart is numb.

Before I burn my self , i should tell you i dreamT Of watchin the clouds with you on starry nights.

Listen to the sounds of the world..

I just want to show you , I ve been trying hard to do what is right , to not let you gooo..

Now am stained with life ,
Am Blown away am blue am down am happy am crazy
As my enterlude is over.
I Enjoyed your stay . Outside when the sun was shining , it was heaven .

My heart is racing when you take my hand in yours.. I see it in yours eyes . .. the warmth of your love...

she said she'd take me anywhere.. as long as i stay ..

I dreamed of a world where our love would never end..
my soul sayz our love would live forever...

I can see it in your eyes..
I can see it in your eyes..

I'll Be here

I'll Be HeRE..

I'll Be here

some words by me me me me me me ..........

ppl tell me how it is .. so i can work more on it.. ...


ThiS onE goES HEre for my Mat3.. SometHIN hPpnd with him which disturbd him a lott.. and changd a whole lotta perception of life n living frm then..

NW ma MaT3 hERE is the hERo of THe storY n lIKe oTHER storiez this one has itz bad guyz too .. so i NAMe thE bAD guY Of ma StoRY.. "ANNOYANCE"

PReluDe::::HeRO haS pLannEd up A spECIAL eVening WIth HIs friendz N da SPeciaL LadY... We may knw her AS aNGEL. tHe day Is FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH...the plot has oTHer charACTERZ too N they ArE "ADVISOR" the one who was takin control of Da situationz n tryin to cool of ma hERoo.. SO b4 i TELL TALE this is completely against no ONE theZ are ma ON WOrdz N mA owN THougTZ of MY SHarE OF expeRIence WId LIf3 If anY BOdy HAS a PRB ... THEN AM VERY HAPPY CUZ U CANt Do ANythiNG ABt it as if am gONNa help u .. u thought.. SO herE THE SaGA GOEZZ..

Well ON A fiNE BrighT DAY ( in the beginning) the 5 of friendz decide to Hav A Meet UP B4 goint to their HOMEZ.. u knw da 4 the FIfth was A
"CHIC" ...

BOOZ N GR8 supper was FOr sure TO come to this evening HaNgout..

soo b4 it all startd planz had already started to change .. ANNOYANCE was havin changz in his planz n it seemed he wont b jOInin.. so HERO he made up his mind .. fine if he aint coming nothinz gonna affect his planzz.. BT He didnt knew DAT.. ANNOYANCE cant B Ezily rid OFF.. HE CALLZ up L8er N sAYZ tat HE WILL B JOININ... annoyance had a bAD day START n was in neeD of SYmpathy frm His Friendz .. his frIEndz were generOUs they thought they knew what he was goin thru.. bt actually he wasnt goin thru anythin instead @ the EATERYY.. he made thingz worse for MA HEROO.. HE WAs speakin speakin speakin n speakin n speakin n JUST CUDNT SHUT HIS BLOODY MOUTH ..

v CUd here only TWO VOICE.. n IT WAS ANNOYANCE.. or one oF THE GUrlz..

this really didnt helpd.. as annoyance only talkd abt stuff which didnt made SEnse and was outta idiotic brainz.. it only lead to annoy ma hEro more n more.. DA heROO CUd speak.. or initiate wat he wanted to talk to the angel or express. .. n it was seriously gettin
OUT OF CONTROLL... as it was happening NOt onlY in da EATEry but ALso in da CAR on da Way.. IT was FUckin ridiculous..

dA HERO Was SHowin his ResentMENt to annoyance silently ... BY TabLE manNERZ.. N in all DA possIBLE Gentle MANly IGnorANCE N to ask him TO sHut UP in shOrt..

heRO ASKED aDVisoR TO TELL ANNOYANCE TO SHUT UP... still thingz doNT wORK out.. hErO IZ pIssed...

wELL there are MoMEntz in Bad TImez DAT GOOd thingz happen N this wAS kinda ONe whICH heRO was LOOKin for.. so ADVISOR startz tellin da lADiez dat DAY BEFORE they had all gone 2 DRINK .. and HERO Had IT QUIT.. yea QUIT... it was quite surprizing for da FRIENDZ TO KNW dat CUZ hEro was the kinda guy who enjoyed LIFE tO thE MOST.. N so he did with his DRINKZ TOO.. so it mustve been HARD 4 HIM

they wantd to KNow DA
REASON .......................HERO SAID.... SMTIME BACK SM1 ASKED ME TO QUIT.. .. the SM1 was NO onE 1 other than ANGEL .. SHE smiled.. n this won da hERoz Heart , his effortz paid off.. HE HAD brought a smile on da person who meant somethin TO him.. n it WAS PRICELESS in short..

THIS was the MEtamorphosis of da HEro tHAT smile on DA ANgelz face made him realize that his actz affectz otherz too .. n it made him firm to nOT To dRink AGAIN..

HERO startd Crackin his brainz in how manyz wayz he cud get that SMILE AGAIN.. so he started THinkin morE about his life.. cuz he felt his life meant something to her toOO so HE started thinkin for HIMSelf then on MOre sincerely N FOund out a lotta abt himself which he didnt knew .. and MadE His GOalz straight.... heRO had fouND NIRvana in da "
ANGELZ" smile .. it had changed da perception of LIFE n itz meanin to him in DA MIDST OF ALL da frustrationz n ANGER CUZd by ANNOYANCE..

he wanTED TO c dat smilE MOre tat day.. but too Bad annoYANCE WUdnt let that happn.. it was as if devil had sent an agent from HELL to make sure hERo DoesNT sUCCEEDZ.. n later that nite.. it DISturbed A lot cuz he wasnt ABle TO do or say Wat hE had EXactly made in mind .. or dreamt..

N whEN planz or dreamz fail.. it hURtz... so was HERO.. bt he realized DAT . .. ThinGZ happen in liFe foR A reaSon.. n at COOleD Of his ANGer.. n didnt StriKEd bACK.. Cuz He hAd FrieNDZ like the ADIVSOR n ME too lol ..


N annOYance.. rEsts in PEace by the BLIssfuLL igNOrance By HIs SIDE...

END of SagAa..

MOrALLEE.. i CudnT FIgurE OUt.. can u Help ME OUt iN da COmmENT SeCtioN HEHE..



WEll Well HEre V goo AGAIN crYINg abT lifE.. Bt I JUSt SImplY CANt undastand .. watz wrong watz wrong.. the harder i try to do something if fuckin strikez back at my effortz harder.. i THought LIFE HAD ITZ GOOD AND BAD DAYZ AND THEY are equal in NumBer I WOnT SAY that i didnt had share Of mY gOOD dayz but I dunno what the fuck is wRong WIth BAD DAyz they just dont seem to FINISH CUZ I feel we hav A TIme COUnt OF lifE TOo N goD Is A GenIUS so HE has distributed EvERYTHINg eqUALLy .. .. NoW i CUd


I fuckin have a big LIf3 AND these DAYZ ARE JUST PART OF THE BIG NUMBER ..

WHATEVER IT IS .. it really screwzzzzzzzzzzz me uppp...

NOw TO tELL da ReasON bEHind THe TOrmenTEd paragraphzz abOVe
welll itz again me THe GREaT sAAmi MaTLoob .. famous for his stupid actz in college..

TO bEGIn WIth SUnday NIte pREparin the records for my C lab internal tomorrow so the nite passes away like a bird in da sky.. and itz morning i havnt slept .. i hav to reach college early as itz the THE BIG R DEVILZ Class ( VK "r"Ravi ) mY cad Teacher with whom i dont hav a nice rapport.. u can say I TOP hiS bLACKLIst ... SO am ALL set WItH no Sleep TENSEd about wat hez gonna do when he seez ma sketch book .. well on ma Way .. thingz start showing sIgnz i forget to stop at my bus stop and ReACH two THree stopz ahead so i hav to take A BUS BACK TO COLLEGE and then goo in............

Welll thE r DeviL entErz lookz AT me AND tauntz AT me ON WHat i HAV DRWn fine.. so here the thingz sTART happeNI.. am SIttin with Jack ASS and BEsidez hIM iS da ASSHolE NOw JACK ASS starts to play with me and hitz me friendly i hit him back friendly and seeing this aSSHOle getz EXCITED TOO HE WANTS TO PLAY TOOO and why wudnt He .. afta all HeZ the aASSHOLE.. SO he hitz i hit him back ..this all is goin on when the devil is in the class..

AFTA CLASS ENDZ.. I Go OUt to CHEck ON sOMethin .. i geT TO knW that some1z peckin ON MA BAG.. AND i go and check and i find out that therz PENciL miSSIN..

I ask JACK ass AND ASSHOLE As they were the o nly personz present oVA THEIR.. I ASK THEM RESPECTFULLY TO RETURN WHO ever has taken first.. then i abuse to whomever it may concern kinda way .. stil no response.. i WanT tO SEarch i cHeck jackass dun find a thing.. then I Go UptO asSSHOLE HE thuGZ ME oF n I SAY finE... No Prb.. i gET it u havent Taken ..

bY this TIME jackASS Takez da pEncil outta his ASSS N RETURNZ IT TO ME.. ..

SOO FOR FUTURE sAKE I MAKe an ANnouncement THAT frOM noW on No ONE plz TOuch mY bag ..

aASSHOLE THinkz am sayin it to him .. he PUshEZ ME back with agitation and I PUsh HIm BACK .. he losez HIS mind like an ASSHOLE n COmez to hit ME.. i counter his blOWZ n HOLD HIM.. jack ASS ACTIN LIKE a wall is AVoidin IT all ... bt CANt help it.. WEvE BOth LOST our miNDZ noW.. wE JUsT WANT to hit .. but no body can as their are no handz .. hehe .. so HE starts bangin HEad .. i puT FORward.. letz C hOW Hard Ur EMPty BrAIN is it wasnt hard enough hehe..

Well SO this whole act of PusHin each otha and holdin each otha GOes outta class and into the corridor NEaR THe staircase..

JUST MY LUCK .. SuiTZ HERE best.. the VICE PRINCIPAL Is takin class in otha class and he comez out and witnesses it all.. takez us DOwn ,,. screamz at us .. n i dun speak a word .. cuz i knw everythin wud b taken against me at that moment.z..

Well AS soME OF ya dUN knW AM THE FAV CHILD OF MA COLLEGE.. ALWAYZ WANTED BY THE VP AND OTHER HOD'Z so my PreVious CAse ReoPenz B4 THIS onE IS fiLED.. jeeVA COMEZ IN And tellz VP sir do u remember him the same kid caught with Mobile ............

TIME SYNC U call it ...

VP TAKEZ DOWN OUR NAMEZ .. and ROll nuMBERZ makez the clerk write A SUSPENSION letter in front of us.. and callz our HOD and informz her to not allow us and give us zero in internalz.z...and dismisses us,..

DAY twO that is today..

we go to HOD for apology she acceptz it and tellz she ll talk to VP ...

VP Slamz him n her too .. and pUtz the LETTER On da NotiCe bOARD.......
we try our luck again..
N thn send the ApOLogy TEam AGaiN .. THIS time He callz us.. and wantz our PAREntz to talk .......
I tell em they cANT ..

SO he saz ring em .. I riNG ma MOM.. so From HEre on I Need NT SAY a THING this is wat I WANted to avoid LATEr my DAD callz him up.. so this was ONE THIng i really didnt WANTED TO HAPPEN.. Embarrasment to My pARENTZ.. n I regREt it .. BUt i just dunno why da hell it happend.. May B it was LUCK.. or IT Was Written .. Wat EVA it was

it was fuckiNG BAD..