ThiS onE goES HEre for my Mat3.. SometHIN hPpnd with him which disturbd him a lott.. and changd a whole lotta perception of life n living frm then..

NW ma MaT3 hERE is the hERo of THe storY n lIKe oTHER storiez this one has itz bad guyz too .. so i NAMe thE bAD guY Of ma StoRY.. "ANNOYANCE"

PReluDe::::HeRO haS pLannEd up A spECIAL eVening WIth HIs friendz N da SPeciaL LadY... We may knw her AS aNGEL. tHe day Is FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH...the plot has oTHer charACTERZ too N they ArE "ADVISOR" the one who was takin control of Da situationz n tryin to cool of ma hERoo.. SO b4 i TELL TALE this is completely against no ONE theZ are ma ON WOrdz N mA owN THougTZ of MY SHarE OF expeRIence WId LIf3 If anY BOdy HAS a PRB ... THEN AM VERY HAPPY CUZ U CANt Do ANythiNG ABt it as if am gONNa help u .. u thought.. SO herE THE SaGA GOEZZ..

Well ON A fiNE BrighT DAY ( in the beginning) the 5 of friendz decide to Hav A Meet UP B4 goint to their HOMEZ.. u knw da 4 the FIfth was A
"CHIC" ...

BOOZ N GR8 supper was FOr sure TO come to this evening HaNgout..

soo b4 it all startd planz had already started to change .. ANNOYANCE was havin changz in his planz n it seemed he wont b jOInin.. so HERO he made up his mind .. fine if he aint coming nothinz gonna affect his planzz.. BT He didnt knew DAT.. ANNOYANCE cant B Ezily rid OFF.. HE CALLZ up L8er N sAYZ tat HE WILL B JOININ... annoyance had a bAD day START n was in neeD of SYmpathy frm His Friendz .. his frIEndz were generOUs they thought they knew what he was goin thru.. bt actually he wasnt goin thru anythin instead @ the EATERYY.. he made thingz worse for MA HEROO.. HE WAs speakin speakin speakin n speakin n speakin n JUST CUDNT SHUT HIS BLOODY MOUTH ..

v CUd here only TWO VOICE.. n IT WAS ANNOYANCE.. or one oF THE GUrlz..

this really didnt helpd.. as annoyance only talkd abt stuff which didnt made SEnse and was outta idiotic brainz.. it only lead to annoy ma hEro more n more.. DA heROO CUd speak.. or initiate wat he wanted to talk to the angel or express. .. n it was seriously gettin
OUT OF CONTROLL... as it was happening NOt onlY in da EATEry but ALso in da CAR on da Way.. IT was FUckin ridiculous..

dA HERO Was SHowin his ResentMENt to annoyance silently ... BY TabLE manNERZ.. N in all DA possIBLE Gentle MANly IGnorANCE N to ask him TO sHut UP in shOrt..

heRO ASKED aDVisoR TO TELL ANNOYANCE TO SHUT UP... still thingz doNT wORK out.. hErO IZ pIssed...

wELL there are MoMEntz in Bad TImez DAT GOOd thingz happen N this wAS kinda ONe whICH heRO was LOOKin for.. so ADVISOR startz tellin da lADiez dat DAY BEFORE they had all gone 2 DRINK .. and HERO Had IT QUIT.. yea QUIT... it was quite surprizing for da FRIENDZ TO KNW dat CUZ hEro was the kinda guy who enjoyed LIFE tO thE MOST.. N so he did with his DRINKZ TOO.. so it mustve been HARD 4 HIM

they wantd to KNow DA
REASON .......................HERO SAID.... SMTIME BACK SM1 ASKED ME TO QUIT.. .. the SM1 was NO onE 1 other than ANGEL .. SHE smiled.. n this won da hERoz Heart , his effortz paid off.. HE HAD brought a smile on da person who meant somethin TO him.. n it WAS PRICELESS in short..

THIS was the MEtamorphosis of da HEro tHAT smile on DA ANgelz face made him realize that his actz affectz otherz too .. n it made him firm to nOT To dRink AGAIN..

HERO startd Crackin his brainz in how manyz wayz he cud get that SMILE AGAIN.. so he started THinkin morE about his life.. cuz he felt his life meant something to her toOO so HE started thinkin for HIMSelf then on MOre sincerely N FOund out a lotta abt himself which he didnt knew .. and MadE His GOalz straight.... heRO had fouND NIRvana in da "
ANGELZ" smile .. it had changed da perception of LIFE n itz meanin to him in DA MIDST OF ALL da frustrationz n ANGER CUZd by ANNOYANCE..

he wanTED TO c dat smilE MOre tat day.. but too Bad annoYANCE WUdnt let that happn.. it was as if devil had sent an agent from HELL to make sure hERo DoesNT sUCCEEDZ.. n later that nite.. it DISturbed A lot cuz he wasnt ABle TO do or say Wat hE had EXactly made in mind .. or dreamt..

N whEN planz or dreamz fail.. it hURtz... so was HERO.. bt he realized DAT . .. ThinGZ happen in liFe foR A reaSon.. n at COOleD Of his ANGer.. n didnt StriKEd bACK.. Cuz He hAd FrieNDZ like the ADIVSOR n ME too lol ..


N annOYance.. rEsts in PEace by the BLIssfuLL igNOrance By HIs SIDE...

END of SagAa..

MOrALLEE.. i CudnT FIgurE OUt.. can u Help ME OUt iN da COmmENT SeCtioN HEHE..