Quietness In Noise of My Life

QUiet ARe THe THoughts of MY mIND

QUIeT are MY DReamz

Quiet are the Notes coming out from the CHORDS of MY GUITAR

Flowing in the silence that surrounds us

You've Got Stars Shining In Your Eyes

Which make me dance in the street .

You've Got the Golden Smile

That Makes me play crazily in the dirt.

and You know that i Love You , would do anything for you.

I feel am undone ,
but this river is wild.
I feel the Rush of The Ocean,
But this heart is numb.

Before I burn my self , i should tell you i dreamT Of watchin the clouds with you on starry nights.

Listen to the sounds of the world..

I just want to show you , I ve been trying hard to do what is right , to not let you gooo..

Now am stained with life ,
Am Blown away am blue am down am happy am crazy
As my enterlude is over.
I Enjoyed your stay . Outside when the sun was shining , it was heaven .

My heart is racing when you take my hand in yours.. I see it in yours eyes . .. the warmth of your love...

she said she'd take me anywhere.. as long as i stay ..

I dreamed of a world where our love would never end..
my soul sayz our love would live forever...

I can see it in your eyes..
I can see it in your eyes..

I'll Be here

I'll Be HeRE..

I'll Be here

some words by me me me me me me ..........

ppl tell me how it is .. so i can work more on it.. ...