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Ten Things Nokia's New CEO Must Do ASAP

I might disagree with some points

Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites

Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites: "type username here"

Amazing website to check if your username or vanity url is available at various social networking or other website... :)

foursquare :: Saami Matloob

foursquare :: Saami Matloob

Tada made my foursquare profile now just need a smartphone to check in.. :|

Blog names and domain extensions

Blog names and domain extensions

I know .. it will be my name .. :| saami.me since .com .net and .org are already taken ..

I already have plans on getting my hands on the .mp domain which is www.saami.mp ..

Right now am thinking of getting as many domains i can for no use .. omg i just cannot see my name out there like that :P i need more money ..

10 Unusual Domain Name Search Tools to Find Hot Domains

10 Unusual Domain Name Search Tools to Find Hot Domains

Planning to get myself a domain ain't a easy job ..... damn so much freaking reading and researching even though it is as easy as

i guess am just taking my own time :P 1 2 3 :|

The Most Boring Eid Ever Again

September 11 2010  also 9/11 , Today it was Eid Ul Fitr here in India , and by far this has been the most boring Eid ever to my knowledge..

So here'z how the day has been goin till now.. Woke up early in the morning cleaned up my house , took a shower , dressed up and went for Eid Prayer , came back home slept , till a colleague invited me to lunch , planned to go there , what happens bike wouldn't start , what happened same old shitty problem with it as usual ,  the carborator or what ever it is called got filled up with water , i still have no idea how that happens or how the hell does water gets inside , even after covering the fuel tank.. its a freakin mystery to me..

so been alone all day .. nothing to do .. then just to read up all my reader subscriptions, Finally.
made a short video to remind myself in the future how boring this day was , would make another video for youtube as well if i feel like there still more to rant about it ..

This is the second Eid in bangalore which has gone bummer..
Now questions to be answered ... why did this happen .. hmmm why didn't I go home ..

it is simple I've joined IBM Daksh and am being trained till the next week or so , after that I'll be in training again .. so one of the reason's why I didn't go anywhere this eid .. well now thinking of it I could've gone to Mumbai as i had a waste holiday on friday since eid wasn't on friday I could've easily been there for eid and came back by sunday , but whatever I guess I wanted it to be this way , now why didn't i go home .. hmm

well brothers are there , and all the other relatives bla bla.. bt seriously get a plane just for eid and for one single day , spending almost 12-15k just to meet up people , I would rather be alone and buy myself a new ipod touch 4th gen if i had the option to spend that money elsewhere .. besides that mom n dad weren't there either...

It's 750 PM --> forgot  the time .. this stupid blogpost made me forget that i was cooking pasta and it got burned up damn .. talk about a bad day ..

coming back to time.. i say Eid Mubarak to all of you .. and hope you all have a better eid than me ..