4:43 AM

the title say's it all ... its been now 36 hours straight :) x_x lsning to the piano play in the room gives the sense therz a ball room dance goin on & am ther sitting by the table looking at the shiny lights staring somewhere.. but this room is dark hazy & the eyes wont shut... i can hear the sounds of my teeth crackling .. 
And now the drums play like a feast is about to begin at a funeral .
talkin is so boring what is there to know when you already know what is expected & what is about to come. 
wonder what would arise interest in life if it cannot offer much and this aint suicidal its just the way it is.
work eat breathe the same schedule everything else is to keep your mind off from what is the reality
sittin and staring, lsning to some shit .. 
its not funny anymore 
the eyes wont blink you keep thinking when it is goin to end and u know its not until u become a slave completely
everyone is a slave otherwise there is no life we like taking orders we are like dogs that is what keeps us going to fulfill that so to feel accomplished but there isnt actually anything like that its just a hollow feeling now 
only thing that is surprising is that you get happy when u make someone else happy and i just don't understand it maybe cause it is real .. or there is some sick meanin to it too.. 
you are forbidden to speak the truth cuz if you do ull be outcasted which is funny as that makes you a liar & admirable. 
even now you think before you say anythin over here as to who might read it what it might lead to .. maybe thinking your crazy . maybe all the crazies were right after all ..

spin it groove it close it. 

there should be an end 
its not funny anymore 
it should be the beginning of the end..