test 3

removed the addthis button but the official blogger share bar aint showing up .. even after enabling it.. and cleaning up most of the shit out of the pages .. this suckz ..

i guess it might take time ill have a look later..

testing 2 for the plus button

testing again..deleted addthis profile lets see if it is gone...

Testing the Plus 1 Button..

ummm just random testing the plus one button from the official blogger share toolbar..
removed sharethis widget and another widget for that purpose which i don't remember and i can still see addthis share toolbar still here i guess i'll get back to it later....
tadaa post..

Google+ Is the new deal..

it happens every now and then that something which is suppose to be free comez out with limited access in the beginning,, and you need to be invited to see the jurassic park before it is open to the public, its somewhat the same with Google + right now like it was before with Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, and many before it & after it..

it just suckz when you don't have the invite and you know somebody who has it.. you sure can ask them.. but wtf they are out of it.. damn i hate it soo much i fucking want an invite to google plus like right now.. anyways am just waiting till i receive an email from google themselves telling me that hey your welcome to our little playground .. as of now am just here venting my anger with nothing better to do..

i might turn this blog into a status update blog page i guess in some days or may be from today itself..

On a Serious Note : #$%@ U windows 7

windows xp rocks to date.. if it wasnt for the stupid motherboard to die out on me .. and me gettin a new laptop (sony vaio) and u coming preloaded on it .. i wouldve never ever wanted to use u... 

on a general level windows 7 is fine pleasin and what not.. but when u are using it day and night there are times i wish i could just format & forget all the crap it has got with it and go back to xp.. but then that is another task for which am too lazy and i seriously dont have the time.. 

its all about time .. 

i like the way messenger workz and the start bar and aero stuff on it.. but seriously at times when i leave it idle it doesnt stays idle it keeps on doin som shit in da background and when i come back itz like a blast from the past and running shot from the movie matrix .. everythin is slomo.. so much that the only option i have is to reset it.. and i hate restarting systems .. even though i know it from the it crowd that is the best trouble shooting but for what fuckin sake should i restart.. just so that all the app and everything has to open up again .. and am glad ive got chrome no more fearing to lose the open tabs atleast..

the fact tat am annoyed at it is becausse i got my phone back .. n900 repaired now that is another story .. and they bloody flashed it even though knowing its a hardware problem not a software.. so i have to now flash it again before i can restore the backupz..
u might ask why i will want to flash the phone again when it is already flashed by them.. its bcz of the fucking govt.. 

they ve been tryna act like a lot of big brothers these dayz.. like seriously wtf why not just take our right to privacy and freedom and join the leagues of saudi and china .. fuck u indian govt on ur stance with privacy and internet lawz.. they are just pathetice and hypocritic of the democracy we boast of. although i do not have issuez with whatever else u do cuz it is fine .. but this is just double standards .. may be you have them elsewhere as well its just that i find it hard to notice i guess.. such endless ranting for what joy on the govt.. well cuz theyve banned skype in our country can you believ that .. well not an all out ban ... but still it seemz soo.. they dont allow voip .. hence the indian version of our nokia n900 doesnt comes with it.. even though being the first phone to come preloaded with skype.. it comes without skype in india.. hence the need to reflash it to a global firmware.. 

a piece of advice to GoI dont just fuckin ban the service try to have workarounds it and co exist.. i understand it is for security but what about all the good things it can doo.. that is also far much greater..this is just like a knife.. u can either use it to cut apples or cut people.. 

sorry got offtopic..

so what i was saying i hate windowz 7 .. infact i started hating anything that doesnt let me have control .. loved ubuntu .. the only problem with it was.. the display drivers werent good enuf .. and i didnt quite enjoyed that.. in terms of usability and stability it was awesome.. and faster as well. as u dont crappy stufff which i wouldnt require in normal situations.. 

so it happens to be that i cannot freaking flash my phone on windows 7 cuz its shitty .. tried workarounds to it .. whatever there was.. the last resort seemz to be me returning to ubuntu again .. just tried installing ubuntu on my spare pendrive.. :) hope it works like a charm and saves the day.. 

why i loved xp cuz it was smooth.. it didnt lagged .that much even though i killed the motherboard.. :P by presssurin it with too much workload.. it didnt seem to slow that much down .. and whn i pressed ctrl alt del i knew one thing for sure it wud give me task manager to kill the freakin problem here its different the task manager itself gets the not responding ..

fuck u windows 7 .. its just that ur free and came with this .. ill have to adjust with you.. althoug am kinda waiting for windows 8 cuz it kinda lookz neat and clean and responsive.. if its got the same issuez like u .. am goin linux.. 

am soo glad i didnt had to use vista.. 

on a serious note fuck u windows 7