Google+ Is the new deal..

it happens every now and then that something which is suppose to be free comez out with limited access in the beginning,, and you need to be invited to see the jurassic park before it is open to the public, its somewhat the same with Google + right now like it was before with Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, and many before it & after it..

it just suckz when you don't have the invite and you know somebody who has it.. you sure can ask them.. but wtf they are out of it.. damn i hate it soo much i fucking want an invite to google plus like right now.. anyways am just waiting till i receive an email from google themselves telling me that hey your welcome to our little playground .. as of now am just here venting my anger with nothing better to do..

i might turn this blog into a status update blog page i guess in some days or may be from today itself..