TweetDeck Updates with Better Facebook, New MySpace Support [Updates]

TweetDeck Updates with Better Facebook, New MySpace Support [Updates]: "

Windows/Mac/Linux (Adobe Air): Social media organizer TweetDeck pares down configuration buttons, adds full Facebook feeds and new MySpace support, and integrates more tightly with link shortening service Bitly in a new version. In other words, it's worth the update.

TweetDeck is mainly a Twitter client, but it's been making inroads into helping you organize, search, and compress your other social networks in later versions. Adding columns is now a bit more intuitive and specific, as TweetDeck asks you which account the column should come from, and which aspects of a feed should be shown. Along with the aforementioned status-checking features, there's now drag-and-drop photo uploading for Facebook posting, and new lists of recommended Twitter accounts to follow for different types, like 'Journalists.'

TweetDeck is a free download, works anywhere the Adobe AIR platform does.

Google Docs Batch Upload Eases Online Document Transfers [Downloads]

Google Docs Batch Upload Eases Online Document Transfers [Downloads]: "
Windows/Mac/Linux (Java): Got a bunch of files to send to Google Docs, and don't have time for the webapp's one-by-one uploads? Google Docs Batch Upload does just what you might think, loading any folder of files into Google Docs' servers
The command-line, Java-based tool requires having at least the 1.6 Java Runtime Environment, which is really the biggest hardship of running the app if you don't have it installed already. Once you're up to date on Java, simply load the .jar package and point it to a folder full of documents you want to upload, like so:
java -jar google-docs-upload-1.2.jar /home/kevin/uploads --recursive
You'll be asked for your Google Docs login credentials, and then Google Docs Batch Upload gets to work. The latest version includes the ability to replicate a folder structure of sub-folders placed in your chosen upload folder, which might relieve the minds of those with a hyper-organized set of docs.
Google Docs Batch Upload is a free download and works wherever Java does. Looking for a two-way Google Docs sync solution? Try the similarly command-line-powered GDataCopier.

Silently, Orkut’s Favicon Undergoes a Minor Change!

Silently, Orkut’s Favicon Undergoes a Minor Change!: "

orkut new faviconIt’s been a few weeks since I noticed Orkut’s favicon was been revamped little bit. Though the design was as usual, the new favicon looks more attractive as it has been made more glossy!

Though I noticed it few weeks ago, it seems guys at Orkut did not find it worth mentioning on their official blog about such a good change.

If you are not aware, earlier this year, favicon of other Google products were been revamped and now Orkut too, underwent a favicon change. Is Google on its way to rebrand all its product? What’s you take about this new favicon?

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Support for Google Reader Friends and Comments (2.x.009)

Support for Google Reader Friends and Comments (2.x.009): "

Google Reader has made tremendous progress on the social aspects over the last 8 weeks: profile, user search, asymmetric follow, comments, friends and comments view. We wanted to make sure that people who use feedly as a Google Reader client were able to take advantage of all these new features. As part of feedly 2.x.009, we are pushing out a new friends/comments page. Here is what it looks like:

feedly now supports Google Reader Friends and Comments
feedly now supports Google Reader Friends and Comments

If you are not following anyone on Google Reader, you can start with Louis Gray ( – he is very active on Google Reader, has a great tech/social networking shared feed and gets engaged into interesting conversations.

2.x.009 is available for download now.

Special thanks to the Google Reader team for doing all the heavy lifting under the hood!

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is out – specs , price , pics and videos inside

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is out – specs , price , pics and videos inside: "

sony-xperia-x2Diehard Sony fans will certainly love this new handset SE -- the XPERIA X2 which is the successor to the X1 .The X2 is now officially out after a bunch of leaks and blurry cam shots .The release of Windows Mobile 6.5 devices are round the corner and Sony sticks with WM on this handset. Its got impressive hardware according to the specs sheet

Specs and Features

  • Windows Mobile 6.5

  • 3.2 inch TFT Touchscreen display with 800x480 pixels resolution

  • 8.1 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash and 16X xoom.

  • VGA Video Recrding at 30 fps

  • 3G, Wi-Fi , DLNA , GPS , Bluetooth

  • Stereo Speakers

  • 3.5 mm audio port

  • microSD memory expansion upto 16GB (4GB in box)

  • 14 specially designed XPERIA panels ( these are part of the User interface and not to be confused with phone covers)

Here is an official intro video of the phone


Expected Price and Availability

The Xperia X2 is expected to hit the market in Q4 and the expected price is around 650-700 euros or Rs.45000-50000 approx. Remember that Xperia X1 was launched at Rs.42000 in India !

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Google - Google Easter Eggs

Google Easter Eggs

by Akshay

The Google Web site–and many of the company's software programs–are loaded with gags, goofs, and Easter eggs that have helped Google maintain a fun-loving spirit in the cut-throat world of Web competition. Here's a compilation of a few ones:
Thanks to Google Calculator, you can use the Google search box for serious number crunching–anything from converting currency to solving advanced maths equations. But things don't always add up the way you think they will with Google Calculator. Try searching for "answer to life the universe and everything," "number of horns on a unicorn," or "once in a blue moon" for unexpected computations.
If you Google "ascii art", you'll find an ASCII representation of Google's logo next to the search box. Likewise, try searching for "recursion". The search results will have a 'did you mean' inspire the right spelling. It's actually a geeky Easter egg closely related to the witty use of the "did you mean" feature to help you understand recursion.
Google's free image editing and management software Picasa has a wild side that few people know about. Open Picasa and press Ctrl-Shift-Y, and a teddy bear will pop up. Keep pressing those keys and watch out for the sloth (or sleuth) of red-bowtied bears that take over the program!
Over and above all this there is a specific google's easter special search page too!
Google also has a tradition of perpetrating April Fools' Day hoaxes. More on these can be read on its  wikipedia page.
(Image Credits: Google's easter special page)

[Editor's Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger  Akshay Raje. Akshay is a self taught freelance web designer and developer, loves to travel and is a great movie buff too. Web.D is about his projects and experiments with web technologies.
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Create your Google Profile

via Gmail Blog by The Gmail Team on 5/6/09

Posted by Peter Chane, Product Manager

We recently announced that Google profile results now appear at the bottom of U.S. name-query search pages. Creating a profile gives you greater control over what people find when they search for your name on Google. Your profile can include online photos, links to your blog or other online profiles, and ways for people to contact you -- and you can restrict contact information like your address and phone number to only the people and groups you choose.

When creating a profile, you have the option to use your Gmail username as a your profile URL (, so it's easier to remember and share. Some examples:

If you want people to be able to contact you, but don't want to reveal your email address to the world, you can hide your username and use a 24 digit number instead. Turn on the 'Send a message' feature, and anyone with a Google Account can send you a message through your profile, without having your email address revealed to them.

Don't have a profile? Go to to get started.

Things you can do from here:

Sbot: Perform Google, Yahoo, Bing & Twitter search right from your IM

via Tech Bangalore by Prashanth on 8/21/09

We perform lot of searches on the web everyday using search engines. Most of the time we use Google, sometimes it's just not enough & we try others like Bing. So, myself & the100rabh came up with an idea to provide access to multiple search engines right from IM. We built an IM Search Bot, which we call "sbot" which is always available for you in your IM to perform searches.
Sbot supports Google, Bing, Yahoo! & Twitter search right now. Just add Sbot as your buddy on Gtalk/Y! Messenger/Live Messenger & start using it!!
Google Talk –
Yahoo Messenger –
MSN Live Messenger -
Once Sbot is added to your IM Buddy list, just start conversing with it. To start with send "help" & bot responds with usage instructions.
  • To perform Google search send g<space>search term
  • To perform Bing search send b<space>search term
  • To perform Yahoo search send y<space>search term
  • To perform Twitter search send t<space>search term
I use Sbot more when I'm at work since I don't like to open too many tabs in the browser at work. One more really good usage of Sbot is Twitter Search! Whenever I'm busy, I use sbot to check my replies by just sending a message "t @hnprashanth", simple!!
We are open for suggestions to add more search engines & features to sbot, please drop them in comments section.
Search Bot is built using Imified