Ofelia’s Dream

Been dreaming of far away,
Somewhere I haven’t been.
Of parched lands with wishing wells,
And birds with no sky to be seen.

Of hollow roots and trees with shade,
Where autumn brings leaves of blades.
Of broken cups with sounds within,
Flowing water like the devil’s sin.

Of walls with cracks and hanging ropes
Rooms with mirrors and shattered hopes.
A man with wires who went insane,
A girl with sparrows and poison in my veins.

Of bodies in motion, where hearts collide,
Then I surrender, my sweet decline.
And as I ponder, seek your touch,
Your whispers tell me you’ve had enough.

Of a thousand screams and fingers pointed to the sky,
A bird or a plane, or a memory that died?
Of creatures like vermin that stand in my way,
Of walking the roads that lead me astray.

Or of a mountain, white and wrapped in snow
Just like my muse with her velvet glow.
Is it a sign of things to come?
Of the things in my head I’ll never know…

Light that shines and smiling eyes,
Of trophies earned and wasted tries.
Of looking back as I take the fall,
Of flying high when I’d rather crawl.

Of love and shelter from the rain,
And kites that fly with no strings.
Of a song that don’t rhyme but brings me pain,
So let me dream with eyes wide open.