Bitter Pills

She left the town like the way it was,
And I was dreaming of yesterdays.
I didn’t have the answers, never knew the cause,
My thoughts turned to ashes, and then they flew away.

A child died somewhere inside of me,
And a man could not hold back his tears.
For a woman he thought he knew so well,
For a girl who never got to be clear.

Now I know the words I never said,
Words that couldn’t make you mine.
So now I’m killing myself for you,
One day at a time.

The light that shines in your eyes,
Scenes from an unknown place.
They hold you close when you cry,
They can’t see your face…

Oh, she’s more than what she seems,
Walking across the line.
I know I’m wrong like you’ve always been,
But is that such a crime?