Whole night I lay,
In my bed all alone.
Watching the shadows rise and fall,
At the corner of my room.

With my eyes open wide,
And my ears to the door.
I heard all your secrets,
And all your dirty talk.

I heard all your promises,
As you opened up your thighs.
The lament in your past,
When your limbs collide.

And it didn’t hurt me, still
As I stood by the door.
To hear and watch you panting,
Just like I did before.

His name, you said out loud,
Your cries, they drowned again.
Lost in your own self,
As your blood flew in vain.

Whole night I lay,
In my bed all alone.
I saw shadows of strangers,
They whispered at my door.

I know I don’t have it all,
These words won’t make me your man.
Oh, take me to the slaughter house,
I’ll wait there with the lamb.

Bury me deep, in a place so small
Like a picture faded and grey.
You try to hold on to your cold, stone walls,
You know, you don’t know it will all fall away.

But everyone is lonely tonight,
We all walk on our own.
Trying to glide, through shadows and light,
Looking for a place called ‘home’.

Whole night you lay, waiting by yourself
Empty as my bed, and so alone.
You thought this could have just been hell,
But that’s not how your story goes.

Wished for someone to take you in his arms,
You smiled through your eyes, invitation in a song.
I don’t know who I was before,
But when I came in, a stranger I was…