Wash Away

Could you close your eyes and show me the places,
Where everything needn’t make sense?
Will you lay down your arms? Lay down your faces?
Lay down that whole defense?

I am sorting out the reasons to be indiscreet,
Sorting out my alibis.
I’ll give you everything you want and need,
And I’ll surrender all my time.

I’ve bid the past goodbye and wiped out the traces,
Of fingerprints of long ago.
I’ve burnt all their letters that were wasted,
And words that haunted me like ghosts.

So this plea is the only one,
I am but a child.
With his future wasted, a selfish son,
Don’t look at me with those eyes.

Don’t dream with me of those places,
Where nothing ever makes sense.
Just wash me away in the tides of time,
Leave me be tonight in my room full of emptiness.