ReVamp V 1.2

Finally I've Figured out how to add facebook connect on my blog and how to make sure it publishes stories on the news feed of facebook..

That goes for facebook.

I am Currently Using Addthis and Share This Button for Media Sharing in lay man'z term you can now share my posts anywhere on the web you want ..
example : If You Like My Article/Post on "How To Be Rich" and You Want to share it With your Facebook Friends Just Click on the Small Facebook Icon Below the post and It will post it on your profile in just three clicks.
You Can Post It On Others As Well Myspace delicious digg reddit and many more.
And If Somehow that stupid button is not Working .. I've Added A Share This Button Too It must be green in color and has a kryptonite kind of feeling to it :P

Well that was the sharing part.

I've Added Badges From my Facebook Profile FriendFeed and thinking of adding a Twitter Badge too

Other than that their are widgets for my friendfeed posts and Status on these social sites and a Twitter Feed As Well
By The way Follow Me at @saami23

Ops I think there is some issue with facebook connect just checked the page will crash when you post comment BUT dont worry your comment has not gone in the waste it is still there just refresh the page and it will ask you if you want to publish it or not.

Other Interesting feature is the Google Talk Widget if you have a google account you dont need to open your google talk app to sign in and talk to me you can just log in from the blog it's cool save's time and I dont know.

Then there is the Followers widget if your a regular blogger you would be knowing what this means anyways if you have a google account again you can follow me to keep tab on my blog simple. You will not have to visit everyday to see if i have made a new post or there is something interesting by following me you will be simply notified in your following page if there is anything new or not.
PS follow me. :P

And BlogArchive and Slideshow were already there ..

Yeah I added a clock too . It Shows the Time in New York atm which is quite useful for me I believe.

I am thinking of changing the template or skin of the blog to a more Me Kind Of
Finding Nice Skins Will take time and then have to also make sure that it works with everything already there.

Last on the list is getting it signed to a domain name.

Open To Any Suggestions and please free to comment I reply to em :P