The Crying Bride.

Hmm I been to quite a lot of marriages till now i guess and had been to one today too

Everytime I am their I See the Bride crying and This Questions Pops WHY WHY WHY , it has become much like a custom for the brides to cry here in India I think dont know about elsewhere.

Why do they cry, Is it cause of Fear, Is it cause of letting go , Is it cause they just have to do that to seal the moment.

Seriously am there standing and watching and thinking will someone please make her stop crying ,cause if she feels so scared or doesnt wants to go with the groom tonight please stay " We will come tomorrow just dont cry "

I See the mothers cry I believe that can be justified , but when I see brothers crying its like this in my head to the brother " Hey why are you crying are you leaving her forever :O she is getting married not going to another universe if you love her so much you can always go and meet her , Be a Man act like a Brother and Support her be Her Strength for God's Sake she is crying too What will she think when your crying as well ."

And in this Mobile age I don't think there is any Far anymore.

A humble requests to the Brides to Be , Don't cry when you are at the Gates it sucks Totally I mean it . If It were me I Will Leave You Right There and come back Later.