An Angel across the Lands

Across the lands the orange yellow sun shined.
The green fields, the barren mountains, the seas.
Multicolored flowers danced in the cool breeze.
While, the gray mountains for the warmth whined.

There dwelt an angel by the bubbling clear blue river.
A whiff of fresh spring air was she, a bright ray of hope.
For He came to her when no longer could he cope.
A lad was He, scared, his voice would always quiver.

The cruel, piercing winds of change had worn him out.
Unhappy and troubled was he, not wishing to live long.
Laughed at by faceless faces, always understood wrong.
A loser he felt himself to the core, without any doubt.

Set by the Heavens, it seemed to him a chance meeting.
He unloaded his Burden narrating to her his tale of misery.
At once sanguinity came over him, no more he felt weary.
Free and happy was his mind now, nursing a sweet feeling.

Strange yet lovely was the strong bond that they shared.
He felt the warmth of her sweetness transcend through him.
At night he would pray to be with her under the stars so dim.
Sweet lays he would sing to her to show how much he cared.

Deep in his heart and his insecure mind, for her love he pined.
Mustering enough courage, he finally bared his mind to her.
Silent she stood there, silent, the ever-rustling leaves were.
Her lips curved to a smile, the ray of hope in his heart shined.

The torrent of emotions was strong, with her being he was smitten.
Angelic was her being, not meant to be a treasured possession of his.
He turned away, for with her, he had shared a lifetime of bliss.
So, under the stars they parted, where it all had been written.

By Shreya Sarkar