Who I'd Like to Meet and I the Red Eye

From dust into stone.
If you owned one more day
To sing, to breathe, to say
What beauty would you wish
Your eyes had time to kiss?
Someday, one day
Tomorrow will be at feign
But that truth is not here, yet
Leave lasting not your debt
While time is indeed an ally
As tomorrow is not nigh.
Go see all your own wonderful things
So memory may, to them, muse and sing

My open hand
Will not linger forever
So take it up
Best before never.
Prospect beckons
My darling only
Let us find our ends
Among each other

For battle, war, genocide
All rains of ruin from the sky
For one, only as killing,
Suffers the greatest high!
This deprav`ed crimsoned soldier
Known only as Red eye.
Cursed forever, dying to fight
Blessed to never fight and die
Decadent Life, void of light,
And from him not a sigh.
I am Red eye, and besides my name?
This scarlet countryside is all my fame.
Stands unscathed, smiles of rage
Now where even some gods fell
Taking his steps upon this stage
An actor here without parallel.
Who is Red eye?
The only person who never replies
Is the only one who possibly knows
As ever inquiry meets his mind
The speaker meets mighty blows.

Why can I not create beauty!
Is this form hopeless, damned
Why are, by some gods decree,
Neither of my two an artists hand?
My crusade of fulfillment
On personal or otherwise enlightenment
Has met far too many an amoral blockade
For atrocious is everything this I has made.
And this I is screaming inside
Dead already by its eyes
Why, why do I fail to make others see
Such rare, beautiful thoughts I hold?
They too will be snuffed out with me,
Their grandeur all untold.

I do not wish to be alive
I do not wish to be dead
To what existence should I thrive
From reality to never have I fled.

Pain is pleasure with a kick
Ere realizations eve renders one sick.
Desires conspiring clouds the mind
Having tainted it to joy of this kind
Note my ache and bear cognized
I think of you when I want to die.
Its lips are stone; dark is its day,
Damn all this painful joy away.

They each face the other
To reduce their us to one
Their only endeavor
To make the other undone.
Those dependant on tenacity,
The one resolve of the deed,
Watch in precedent, complicity
Upon loss, will their sort recede?
Our one warrior stands
As does theirs, the same
But two cannot win in ends
And sides each shall cry one name.

My days fall black and dead
As her dark voice diseases my head
Taught lust as vision goes gray
Oh my lady, oh malady
I fall from well and love it so.

This Warrior still stands
Aged in skill, not the flesh
As he walks these unknown lands
All he ponders is his rest.
His sword upon the ground,
Sends all poets pens at respite,
When will my worries be sound,
When will one claim my might?
I know I must fall to dust.
When will my renown rust?
Hubris is not my undoing,
Nor anger, envy, lust
But my greatness,
My most bitter nemesis,
Claims my sanity
And names my self infinity.

Even though I stand afar
Even though the door's ajar
Even when the sleep can maim
You, my love, I claim

Even though I am crawling
Even though the day is falling
Even when the silence tames
You, my love, I claim

Even if I am to be wretched
Even when the signs are etched
Even with non-existent aims
You, my love, I claim