Fate, an excuse to put my blame on. An imaginary being falsely accused of my deeds. Explicitly tried for my sins. A knotted transgression implying my perversion. I do something and until and unless the consequences seem right, the deed is mine; and as thing start turning sour, fate comes forward to take the blame.
Isn't that how we all live? Isn't that how we brush off our mistakes and flaws? Isn't it a part of our aim for perfection?
A deed is a fibre, intertwining with others to create the very thread of our lives and affecting others' lives in the process. Nothing is pre-decided, wrought on the time line, but is a consequence of deeds - ours and others'. We are masters of our own destiny, not fate or the "Almighty" God. Fate is an invention portraying our thoughtlessness.
A realization is pending, of the truth. There is not fate, no cleared pathways into the wilderness of life. There is but a will, to create these pathways, savoring every win and learning from every loss. Mourning and lamentations are signs of weakness and must be dealt with.
The weak cannot create paths on their own. They follow the brave blindly, meekly like sheep. They make the same mistakes as the brave do, the fall into the same potholes that the brave do. Yet the rewards they reap are nothing compared to what the brave have reaped. At destiny's end, the weak stand forgotten and only the brave are remembered.
It is upto us to decide, what we wish to be, sheep or human, weak or brave. We can choose to be the weak, to live in a herd and to die in seclusion. But on the other hand we can choose to cut our own path into the wilderness and traverse it, wary of the dangers, savoring every moment. To live with suffering, stand up to it and deal with it. The choice is but ours.
Those who seek perfection never achieve it. Perfection comes to those who accept their imperfection and strive to change their flaws themselves without tolerating excuses. Those who seek themselves, achieve perfection. Those who realize what they are inside and honestly try to change it. Those who are willing to fight destiny and overpower it, without worrying about tomorrow. Those who live by the moment and not by the future.
For a deed is a fibre, circumferential in nature. What you sow is what you reap.