Paranoia Forever In Heaven

A rasping voice
Calls my name
I turn around
Only to see
The wind
Teasing me

A gleaming light
Guiding me
I follow
Only to find
The darkness
Engulfing me

A portrait unveiled
Smiles at me
I smile back
Only it is
The mirror
Reflecting me

A final cry
Echoes out loud
I look around
Only I am
Down at me

Breaking through
To a dream
Where we exist
As ourselves

Holding you
I will sleep
In your arms

When the wind blows
Hair onto my face
When the flowers bloom
In their colourful grace

Heaven, I call

When the rain-drops
Caress my eyes and cheek
When the sunlight
Breaks the foul reek

Heaven, I call

When the moon bathes
Me with ethereal light
When the birds sing
Songs of immaculate bright

Heaven, I call

When you are not here
And all I have is memories
Bitter and cold and damp and
I hide within these reveries

Heaven, I call?