The Burning Infinity

Infinity lies dead, yet the fire of its never-ending furnace burns away, like a flickering candle providing you with the light and the confidence to tread on life's paths. The fuel of that fire is your soul, your life, the more you give in, the brighter it burns, extinguishing only with your existence and the dear, precious thing you call life. The fire will try to fade, to be dimmed by your shadow, and you must fight the urge to do so. The fathomless dark path otherwise known as life can not be treaded if the fire is eclipsed. The more you give, the more clarity will it render to your thoughts, the pathways of this expedition. Extinguishing with clarity is the only thing that you should aim for, rather than going off with fear and lack of knowledge.

Suffering is temporary, for after facing the final truth, death, you will not suffer, but the cosmos will act as your heaven, you home, an infinity to explore. When you suffer, you think "Why?". The reason behind that suffering is not fate, not destiny, it is a consequence of your deeds. Still you suffer, be scared of it, avoid it, without realizing that there is beauty in pain. That this is a test to determine your purity. Fear is impure. Pain is pure. Death is pure. The thought that should be beheld should not be fear of pain or fear of death. Embrace pain, embrace death, when it comes. When the time is ripe, when you fulfill your purpose. Leave greed and gluttony to the mortal plane and think above it.

I will leave you with this monologue
"I am not all, I am one. Yet I am all, all is me, but I am none".