I wonder how life could be so kind on me,
To shower me with all its fragrance,
And immerse me, within joy abound,
That for a lifetime is plentiful benevolence.

I may have done someday,
Magnanimous deeds of kindness,
That I happen to have lived this way,
In generous love and fondness

So much love and so much care,
I thought would lead me there.
The tender words mothered my soul,
My life I would stake, I swear.

The cajoling touch, the balmy smile,
In my heart, I gathered them there.
The sparkle of the eyes, I kept in wrap,
My nights would no longer stare.

But alas!! Truth prevails,
And I am awakened from deep slumber.
The dream I lived with in my sleep,
Is history that I may now remember?

Before my very eyes,
I see my dream stumble.
And being battered to an appalling end,
Where I can see it pitilessly crumble.

What error would I commit, only if I dreamt a bit
I am all but a human, who keeps desires within.
But fate has it unruly,
Dislodging me, from the place I mistook in my dream, My Home
Restoring the torment I’ve lived with,
And which I shall live with here on, all alone

it was just a dream i cant write this hehe itz just too good ..frm my secret friend for all ma friendz