I StiLL woNDer WHy

Laying at night feeling lonely and empty
Will u ever just think about me?
Will you ever regret u had lost me?
Will u ever be able to see?

Will a single true tear drop
Ever be falling down from your eyes?
Will u ever remind me
Looking up at the shining sad stars?

Will u ever be sighing so heavy
When u hear our favorite songs?
Will u finally burst out crying,
Realizing there’s no me beside you..
Realizing there’s no one to hold?

Will u whisper my name in the silence
When your friends cannot hear what u say?
Will u ever feel wanting to find me
To get back, to embrace and to stay?

But I know there’s only one person
Who will cry and feel tortured of break
Who will hope… with no possible hope
Who would like to let go and forget.

Who wakes up at cold midnights
With an image of face in the mind.
Who is watching the moon in the black sky
Thinking about u and wanting to hide.

I’m the one, who will always remember,
Who’ll regret and feel guilty and blue
I’m the one saying “love u and hate u”
I’m the one feeling bad without u…..

an inspiration thank u ..