Dont wanna Go but Cant really Stay..

Dont wanna Go but Cant really Stay..

Hold on to me,
Don’t let me go
But I would love to die in your arms,
Coz I love you so..

Your touch,
Brings me a glow
Just a thought of going apart,
And my heart drops low..

My heart is still beating,
Coz I can see you smile
Stay here,
Before I go, wanna see you for a while..

I don’t fear death anymore,
Coz I am here in your arms
Your twinkling eyes,
Still holds the magic that charms..

Don’t really wanna leave you and go,
But I can’t help it,
Its destined and I just cant stay anymore..

bt i just cant stay.. i dunno why .. what do u say..wud also lyk to mention few ppl helped me wid diz so kudoz to em tooo