I know what you're doing,
I'm no fool to what I see.
I know the games you're playing,
But you're not playing them with me.
My eyes are wide open,
Now I'm one step ahead.
You can't keep up with me,
So you lie to me instead.

I'll just sit back and watch,
As karma takes ahold.
You're destiny's written,
By a loveless hand so cold.
You must think that I'm dumb,
Just 'cos I'm keeping quiet.
I'm just biding my time,
Before I start my riot.

I gave you all my time,
And you told me that you care.
If I needed someone,
You told me you would be there.
So go ahead and run,
Take back all the words you said.
I'm building myself up,
You're no longer in my head.

You've lied for far too long,
Now you don't know who you are.
No one's gonna care now,
They can see that you're no star.
And soon the time will come,
When I stop keeping quiet.
I'll make it headline news,
So stop the press - this is.....


(C) Susannah Ford-Crush 2007

by a friend of mine on face book named susannah itz amazin .. clickz wid me heheh i m gonna start my riot tooo