The Beast InSidE ( FrM sm 1- 2 me)

Lurking at the edges of my mind, the familiar dark ethereal form.
Burning through my veins in the silent midnight, a sleek liquid storm.

With eyes narrowed I sound a deafening yowl.
The primal catalyst which restores the natural hum of the night.

Claws flexed and sharpened, big teeth white and chalky.
Ready to feast on a local neighbourhood Yorkie.

Surveying from above with eyes akin to the luminious moon.
Listening to all the toms eagerly strain and croon.

Clear,Crisp footsteps resound in the cold moon-lit street.

Observing the frailty of the human mortality, the hunt begins once more.

Driven by the insensate pounding of the drum by the ancient mistress on her ebony black throne.

Ripped weak flesh and arterial spray to sate the eternal hunger, cursed by the cold cruel crone.

Twin brown eyes, half-hidden under the bridge, driven back into the shadows by the slow creeping dawn.

Twin brown eyes, waiting for the city to sleep again, then to devour flesh torn and blood frothy warm.

some one wrote this for me n i just love it hehe think they just got me.. wen i first read what she had sent n it was like omg .. seriously itz beautifull..may